About Our Company
What We Do
5th Epoch Publishing authors, publishes and markets quality game and literary fantasy products.
Who We Are
5th Epoch is a privately owned publishing company based in New York City. The company brings together a diverse set of individuals who are highly motivated to produce great gaming entertainment.  Since our birth, we have continued to have establish a loyal customer base for our released products as well as a production line of new releases from 2016 and into 2017. We are interested in both our own indigenous properties (5th Epoch Engine) and licensed properties.
Our Mantra
Our design mantra for our games is “Can you feel it?”. 5th Epoch is committed to lining fantasy settings of all types with edges of realism, providing a richer, deeper, visceral experience for our players - one that makes them cringe with anticipation!
Administrative Offices:
116 West 23rd Street
Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10011