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Metal, Magic and Lore Free Downloads

Here’s where you can download the Metal, Magic and Lore Game System Sampler for free. Includes two scenarios, designed to introduce MML’s unique, gritty, and detailed combat system: one on… Read more »

War of the Epochs Board Game

We’re thrilled by the great response that War of the Epochs, the strategy boardgame of epic warfare in the Metal, Magic, and Lore universe, has received this year at cons,… Read more »

Box Battles and the Battle Field Ops! System

Box Battles players have some new releases to look forward to in winter 2018! As well as several new BattleMatch expansions, we will soon be offering a hardcover rules set… Read more »

Metal, Magic and Lore News

Lots of additions to the Metal, Magic, and Lore Universe are coming late 2017 and beyond! The Deeping Vale Adventure Starter is in final production. This new edition will contain… Read more »

Modern Action and Espionage with The Vampire’s Codex system – No Fangs Necessary!

The Vampire’s Codex introduces rules for firearms, body armor, 8 distinct styles of hand-to-hand combat and vehicle data for high speed auto or boat chases or flying small aircraft. All… Read more »

The Vampire’s Codex News

Lots of Vampire’s Codex excitement coming very soon in early 2018! The Vampire’s Codex Game Master’s Screens will be a handy (and attractive!) playing aid for both the GM and… Read more »