Box Battles and the Battle Field Ops! System


Box Battles players have some new releases to look forward to in winter 2018! As well as several new BattleMatch expansions, we will soon be offering a hardcover rules set that can be purchased as a standalone item, for those of you who already have an extensive collection of minis suitable for play but love the Battlefield Ops! system. For players mating Battlefield Ops! to their existing collections, we’ll also be offering print versions of the unit cards on an individual basis.

Thanks to the growth and enthusiasm of the Box Battles community, we’re moving towards retail distribution of Box Battles this year!

Finally, due to overwhelming interest, in 2018 we’ll be developing rules system and unit expansions for World War II-era conflicts and materiel! If you have expert knowledge in this field, we’d love to benefit from your insight and expertise. Contact us at if you’d like to participate in the evolution of Box Battles!