Box Battles and the Battle Field Ops! System


Box Battles and the Battle Field Ops! System News

Box Battles players had some new releases headed into winter 2018; several new BattleMatch™ and AlterForce™ expansion sets for more play options at the table.

Due to demand from 6mm modern war miniatures collectors, 2019 brings a series of new offerings to our Products page! The Box Battles: Cold War Evolution Rulebook is available in PDF and print. The FREE BattleField Ops! System Rules Update 1.1 is also available, along with a wide variety of combat Units Cards sold individually.

Late Spring 2019 you will see our FREE Air-to-Ground Rule Update, along with related air and anti-air Unit Cards sold individually.

We are continuing to develop rules and unit expansions for World War II-era conflicts and materiel! If you have expert knowledge in this field, we’d love to benefit from your insight and expertise. Contact us at if you’d like to participate in the evolution of Box Battles!