Metal, Magic and Lore News: January 2019


Lots of additions to the Metal, Magic, and Lore Universe are coming in first quarter of 2019!

Several FREE downloadable PDFs which provide updates to your current game are in development, including a Revised Character Creation Mod, and GM’s Role Playing Playbook Mod. These will be followed later in the year by a GM’s World Atlas Mod which will include some excellent bonus setting materials on geography, politics, languages, and interactions of the races, and the Genealogy of Magic Mod, with an in-depth illustration of the magic schools, their origins, new and lost spells, and a number of potent magical items.

In Development

The Eastern Kingdoms Atlas is the first in a series of four supplements dedicated to exploring the politics, economy, myth and history of each region, including lush, detailed maps. The Eastern Kingdoms Atlas also includes rules for a new magic school, Thaumaturgics, as well as a number of magical items and beasts local to the East. This product features artwork by Brent C. Chumley, Amanda Kahl and Jack Parra.

Future releases will include the Middle Kingdoms Atlas, Western Kingdoms Atlas, and Northern Kingdoms Atlas.