The Vampire’s Codex News: January 2019


Lots of Vampire’s Codex excitement coming!

The Vampire’s Codex Game Master’s Screens will be a handy (and attractive!) playing aid for both the GM and player alike (New Year 2019).

Our next Adventure Starter, The Sifuridin Strain (working title), is being developed by Ben Walker. This adventure adds deeper elements of commerce and espionage to the play experience of TVC. It will be flexible and scalable to multiple styles and difficulty levels for the GM’s use.

The first Vampire’s Codex novel by J.A. Dohm is in editorial. This collection of interwoven stories of the Vampire’s Codex world will introduce readers new to the setting a new and unprecedented world of modern horror. For those who are already TVC players, it is sure to add rich backstory to your campaigns.