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About Us

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Vito Pandolfo, Managing Principal

Nearly retired from practice, Vito is founding Principal of a NYC-based consulting firm which over 24 years developed an expertise in culture change management. He is the author of the business publication, “Why Is My Coworker So Crazy?” (Spring 2011). In addition, his interests include several Eastern martial arts, firearms, medieval reenactment, fitness and hiking. He has brought his array of interests and hobbies into game design. Vito is spearheading new game product series to be releases in 2018, as well as additional products for all existing product lines. As an entrepreneur, he has been at the helm to see the company through the turbulent and changing industrial landscape of independent game publishers. He has been a student of the languages of Italian, Korean, and Japanese. Vito was formerly Deputy Executive Director of the Games Publishers Association.

Contributing Designers

Rob Arrigale
Sergeant Matthew Mediatore (United States Army, ret.)
James Smith (Lead Designer)


Brent Chumley, www.brentchumley.com
Jack Parra, jackparra.daportfolio.com
Ryan Pancoast, www.ryanpancoast.com
Chris Wilhelm, www.chriswilhelmart.com

Special Contributors

Michael Burkhardt, armored combat
Scott Caldwell, military consultant
Brian Elliott, armored combat
Luke Gualtieri, metallurgy
Tom Heitter, writer
Lt. Col. Anthony Mancari (US Army)
Sergeant Robert Oson (US Army, ret.)
Plato Pavlatos, piloting
R.K. Pynn, writer
Beth Rimmels, writer
Carina Rush, equestrian

Gabriel Rush, writer
Theodore Stern, armored combat
Alan Tunstead, mathematics
Jeffrey Wasson, armoring
Stacey Wasson, equestrian
Erik V. Smykal, history
Joseph Lieber, metallurgy
Clifford Jay Ph. D, statistics

Play Testers

Suzanne Anderson
Brent Chumley
Bryan Clark
Drew Collins
Marit Franks
Peter Garvey
Chris ‘Khat’ Jackson

Michael Lawrence
Debbie Luby
David Minsky
Dean Ridgeway
Hunter Rogers
Clint Sharpe
Stephanie Sharpe
Nick Titano
Mike Wood
Nicholas Vanucci

Web Development Staff

Ben Morgan
Rebecca Wigandt

Andrew Kozak, Managing Partner Emeritus

Andrew brought a diverse set of talents to the company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a graduate degree in Energy Management. He is a professional engineer and holds a number of other industry accreditations. As a consulting engineer, Andrew has worked on a number of projects ranging from prominent high rise buildings to small scale community based renewable energy projects. A gaming enthusiast at heart, Andrew collaborating with Vito to bring new and innovative quality gaming products to the market is an expression of a life-long interest in playing and designing games. Andrew and Vito hold the rights to all Metal, Magic and Lore properties.