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Metal, Magic and Lore Free Downloads

Here’s where you can download the Metal, Magic and Lore Game System Sampler for free. Includes two scenarios, designed to introduce MML’s unique, gritty, and detailed combat system: one on one melee combat, and ranged combatant vs. a magician or wizard. Also available is the Rules Errata Booklet for the most recent version of the core rules.

War of the Epochs Board Game


We’re thrilled by the great response that War of the Epochs, the strategy boardgame of epic warfare in the Metal, Magic, and Lore universe, has received this year at cons, playtests, and demos! For those who have pre-ordered War of the Epochs strategy board game, hang in there! Production has begun and we’re currently working on bringing the art and visuals to the standards of the MML world and of our magnificent playerbase. Presently, rollout is expected for winter 2018. Check back with us frequently for more updates!

Box Battles and the Battle Field Ops! System


Box Battles players have some new releases to look forward to in winter 2018! As well as several new BattleMatch expansions, we will soon be offering a hardcover rules set that can be purchased as a standalone item, for those of you who already have an extensive collection of minis suitable for play but love the Battlefield Ops! system. For players mating Battlefield Ops! to their existing collections, we’ll also be offering print versions of the unit cards on an individual basis.

Thanks to the growth and enthusiasm of the Box Battles community, we’re moving towards retail distribution of Box Battles this year!

Finally, due to overwhelming interest, in 2018 we’ll be developing rules system and unit expansions for World War II-era conflicts and materiel! If you have expert knowledge in this field, we’d love to benefit from your insight and expertise. Contact us at info@5thepochpublishing.com if you’d like to participate in the evolution of Box Battles!

Metal, Magic and Lore News


Lots of additions to the Metal, Magic, and Lore Universe are coming late 2017 and beyond!

The Deeping Vale Adventure Starter is in final production. This new edition will contain new content beyond the previously-released PDF!

The rerelease of the first MML novelization, Azony Rising (formerly Lines of Bread and Steel) by R.K. Pynn will be available this holiday season. R.K. Pynn is currently working on the sequel to this novel, in which we will learn the fates of Azony and our two heroines.

The Eastern Kingdoms Atlas is the first in a series of four supplements dedicated to exploring the politics, economy, myth and history of each region, including lush, detailed maps. The Eastern Kingdoms Atlas also includes rules for a new magic school, Thaumaturgics, as well as a number of magical items and beasts local to the East. This product features artwork by Brent C. Chumley, Amanda Kahl and Jack Parra.

Future releases will include the Middle Kingdoms Atlas (Summer 2018), Western Kingdoms Atlas (Winter 2018), and Northern Kingdoms Atlas (Spring 2019).

The long-awaited Game Master’s Companion Book is on its way. The Companion provides an organized, sensible, step-by-step examination of each part of the MML system that a GM must master- and a unique tutorial for GMs to prepare a Metal, Magic and Lore campaign of their own devising from the ground up, with helpful overviews of the regions and the state of the world in the 5th Epoch. New, advanced optional rules systems are also introduced for the experienced GM. (Spring 2018)

Modern Action and Espionage with The Vampire’s Codex system – No Fangs Necessary!


The Vampire’s Codex introduces rules for firearms, body armor, 8 distinct styles of hand-to-hand combat and vehicle data for high speed auto or boat chases or flying small aircraft. All this can provide a great start to a world of covert adventure! While you await the release of the compatible Ultimate Operative game next year, The Vampire’s Codex rules system will give GMs designing a realistic modern campaign setting of their own all they’ll need- with or without wooden stakes.

The Vampire’s Codex News


Lots of Vampire’s Codex excitement coming very soon in early 2018!

The Vampire’s Codex Game Master’s Screens will be a handy (and attractive!) playing aid for both the GM and player alike.

Our next Adventure Starter, The Sifuridin Strain (working title), is being developed by Ben Walker. This adventure adds deeper elements of commerce and espionage to the play experience of TVC. It will be flexible and scalable to multiple styles and difficulty levels for the GM’s use.

The first Vampire’s Codex novel by J.A. Dohm is coming soon. This collection of interwoven stories of the Vampire’s Codex world will introduce readers new to the setting a new and unprecedented world of modern horror. For those who are already TVC players, it is sure to add rich backstory to your campaigns.