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Metal, Magic, and Lore News


The Metal, Magic, and Lore Revised Edition is on its way! But there’s no need to wait; begin enjoying our revolutionized, streamlined system with your existing MML game materials with these free product updates, available now!

The Character Codicil FREE downloadable PDF includes revised character creation, as well as new and revised game mechanics across the MML system. Also available in print for purchase, and included with all future orders of existing MML Rulebooks.

(Please note: while this will be the last update to the existing MML system, it is not reflective of the entire Revised Edition rules, coming soon- it only gets better from here!)

New SMART Character Sheets, beautifully updated in full color, perform the work of calculations and derived stats throughout the character creation process for you! Make a character in 30 minutes!

In Development

The Manuscripts of Magic Update Mod is an in-depth exploration of the magic schools, their origins, new and lost spells, and potent magical items. It also includes the religions of Domum, and methods for players to include Divine Intervention in their games.

Future releases include Regional Bestiaries for Game Masters, with creature statistics, beautiful new artwork, and detailed information on the behaviors and habitats of the beasts of every region of Domum!

The Vampire’s Codex News


The Vampire’s Codex Game Master’s Screens are finally available. Beautifully designed, with information on both sides for Game Master and player alike, they are durable and convenient- including two durable spill-resistant quick reference cards for players to share at the table!

Our next Adventure Starter, The Sifuridin Strain is coming soon. Based on an original concept by Ben Walker, and now in development by Rebecca Wigaard and Vito Pandolfo, this adventure brings commerce and espionage to the play experience of TVC, and is scalable to a variety of character concepts and skill levels, with the flexible, supportive GM guidance typical of all Adventure Starters.

BattleField Ops! News


The FREE BattleField Ops! System Rules Update 1.1 is now available, with new updates coming soon. BattleField Ops! continues to focus on the conflicts of history and alternate history in the 1960s, 1970s, and into the early 1980s.

Two subsequent FREE Updates will arrive later this year: Air-to-Ground Conflict and Shoreline Watercraft along with related air and anti-air Unit Cards sold individually. Mechanics for Watercraft will be presented for players to construct their own based on their game scenario.

Rules and unit development for World War II-era conflicts and materiel continues! If you have expert knowledge in this field, we’d love to benefit from your insight and expertise. Contact us at info@5thepochpublishing.com if you’d like to participate in the evolution of Box Battles!

War of the Epochs Board Game News


We’re thrilled by the great response that War of the Epochs, the strategy board game of epic warfare in the Metal, Magic, and Lore universe, has received this year at cons, playtests, and demos! Production and testing has continued and we’re currently working on bringing the art and visuals to the standards of our magnificent playerbase. Check back with us later for more updates!

Metal, Magic and Lore Free Downloads


For those new to Metal, Magic and Lore, click here for the Free Game System Sampler. It includes two scenarios designed to introduce MML’s unique, gritty, and detailed combat system: one-on-one melee combat, and ranged combatant vs. a magician.

For established players, the Rules Errata Booklet is available for the original version of the core rules. Also, get a glimpse into the future of MML; keep an eye out in the coming weeks for a series of  MML Update Mods; new Character Creation, new role-playing mechanics features, a world atlas setting, and a magic supplement.