The Vampire’s Codex

The Vampire’s Codex

Power With A Price. Damnation and Redemption.

In partnership with 20 Eyes Entertainment Inc, we are proud to present The Vampire’s Codex Role Playing Game, based on J.A. Dohm’s unique visionary setting of vampires questing in the dark to lift the divine curse that has denied them the afterlife for centuries.

The Vampire’s Codex brings the intuitive, agile 5th Epoch roleplaying system into the modern age, with rules for hand to hand combat, armed combat, ranged and thrown weapons, firearms, explosives, modern body armor, and of course, the powers, weaknesses, artifacts and relics of the world of the Vampire.

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With a rich setting and history all its own, The Vampire’s Codex is a truly unique, modern, and provocative entry into the vampire genre. The realm of gothic modern roleplaying will never be the same.

The Vampire’s Codex Rulebook

434 Pages, available in 7″x10″ Hard Bound or PDF

Contains everything you need to begin your journey among the God-Cursed. Rules for character creation, campaign design, conflict, and use of supernatural powers. Filled with richly-detailed setting material of the history, culture, nature, and myth of the vampire.

The Vampire’s Codex Rulebook, Hard Bound
SKU# 2100
$49.95 ($3.95 shipping)

The Vampire’s Codex Rulebook, PDF
SKU# 2100E

Adventure Starter: Stalkers in the Night

32 Pages, available in 8.5″x11″ Soft Cover or PDF

An excellent way to introduce your group to the world of The Vampire’s Codex, Stalkers In The Night is an Adventure Starter designed for a group of fledgling vampires who must work together against a threat to their new unlife- a group of mortals threatening to unmask the God-Cursed. Stalkers In The Night contains all the source material, statistics and guidance suitable for experienced and first-time GMs alike.

Stalkers in the Night, Soft Cover
SKU# 2711
$9.95 ($1.95 shipping)

Stalkers in the Night, PDF
SKU# 2711E

Coming Soon!

The Vampire’s Codex Game Master’s Screens will be a handy (and attractive!) playing aid for both the GM and player alike.

Our next Adventure Starter, The Sifuridin Strain (working title), is being developed by Ben Walker. This adventure adds deeper elements of commerce and espionage to the play experience of TVC. It will be flexible and scalable to multiple styles and difficulty levels for the GM’s use.

The first Vampire’s Codex novel by J.A. Dohm is coming soon. This collection of interwoven stories of the Vampire’s Codex world will introduce readers new to the setting a new and unprecedented world of modern horror. For those who are already TVC players, it is sure to add rich backstory to your campaigns.