Battlefield Ops!

The Battlefield Ops! Game System
and the Box Battles Boxed Game Set

The BattleField Ops! Game System is for 1/285 or 6mm scale modern war miniatures, with rules, supplements and playing aids all sold item-by-item, so players can customize their collection. The result of years of research and consultation with real-world military service people and strategists, BattleField Ops! allows you to simulate the alternate histories and conflicts with excellent detail and realism, without sacrificing play speed at your game table.

Is it a Beer and Pretzels game? No, we are a far cry from it.

Is it practically a computer simulation at the game table? Heck, no.

We are about striking a great balance between realism and playability.

Cold War Global Conflict. On Your Kitchen Table.

BattleField Ops! Game System Starter Pack

The BattleField Ops! Game System Starter Pack is assembled for hobbyists who already enjoy a robust collection of modern miniatures. Assembled from components of our boxed game, the Starter Pack contains the necessary elements to learn and play the game that you want to play according to your collection. Components include the printed 64-page Rule Set, the NATO vs WARPAC Playing Aids (Command cards, ruler, dice, 50+ marker counters), and eight (8) FREE combat Unit Cards of your choosing (we recommend 4 vs 4). The Starter Pack is set up for a Company vs. Company conflict, each with up to 2 Platoons of support units. Please download our order form below to order those Unit Cards you prefer.

Note: Players need Unit Cards of the units they will use on the battlefield. Please download our order from below to order those which you prefer.

BattleField Ops! Game System

Starter Pack

SKU # 4150+4152, +8 FREE Unit Cards


($2.95 Shipping)

Download our fillable Order Forms and place your order for multiple items. Simply email your order form to:

Battlefield Ops! Game Components Fillable Order Form

Battlefield Ops! 1970s Unit Cards Fillable Order Form

Battlefield Ops! System Rules Update 1.1 PDF

This is an essential rule set for anyone who owns the Box Battles or BattleField Ops! Rule set and components. Included are a series of corrections, clarifications, revisions, and expansions, including improved detail on prepared defenses, destroying structures, specialized units including combat engineers and more. Also included are a series of guidelines from our General’s Rules – “Large Force” guidelines for running big battles on large tables.

Keep an eye out for Update 1.2, coming May 2020. New Unit Cards will be released to align with these updates and with new country logos.

Update 1.3 Air-to-Ground Combat is in production and will be released in July 2020.

Battlefield Ops! System Rules Update 1.1 PDF

SKU # 4151E

Battalion vs. Battalion Level Command Card Set

A command card set designed to expand your game to the Battalion vs. Battalion size. It includes 40 Command cards, additional Fog of War cards, and a generalized guide card on how to build NATO and WARPAC Command decks based on TO&E (Tables of Organization and Equipment).

Battalion vs. Battalion Level Command Card Set

SKU # 4153


($0.95 Shipping)

Battalion Level Playing Aids Expansion

An expansion pack of playing aids to greatly assist larger games, and tracking things at the game table. New set includes Card Counters for Move Phases 1-4 and Weapon Priorities 1-4 and 40+ counters including all status for morale checks, Reload markers, Hitch Up and Set Up for towed weapons, Ammunition count, Blast markers for Full Batteries and more!

Battalion Level Playing Aids Expansion

SKU # 4154


(FREE Shipping)

Don’t Let Your Bookshelf Fall Victim to Mission Creep.

Limited supply available!

Box Battles: Cold War Evolution Boxed Set (USSR vs. USA)

Box Battles: Cold War Evolution is a boxed game set of tactical conflict between forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Warsaw Pact (WARPAC) during the escalating Cold War. It is designed to offer all the depth and variety of a great armored combat mini game with a scale that is practical and cost-effective. All you need to play fits in a single 9″x 12″ x 2″ box, making it travel-friendly and “spouse friendly”- storage, transport, and disassembly are quick and easy- though victory will require all your tenacity nerve, and tactical skill. Included are: 64 metal-cast miniatures, unit cards, command cards, dice, measuring rules, resin-cast buildings, sandbag emplacements, foliage, and a 36″ x 24″ fabric surface which may be configured in a variety of ways. This is the perfect game for 2-4 new or experienced collectors, which provides 1-4 hours of game play based on the scenario. The forces included are:

  • 1 Company of NATO M113 Armored Personnel Carriers, 5 M60A1 Tanks, and Company headquarters and support units
  • 1 Company of Warsaw Pact BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, 4 T-62A Tanks, and a Platoon of towed 120mm mortars

5th Epoch has partnered with C in C Miniatures for metal miniatures and Legendary Realms Terrain for resin buildings.

NOTE: Miniatures come unpainted and some assembly is required

Box Battles: Cold War Evolution Boxed Set
SKU# 4100
($9.95 Shipping)

The Box Battles and BattleField Ops! PDF Rulebook

This 64-page PDF rulebook contains the rules you need to begin playing NATO and Warsaw Pact conflicts with a wide scope of 6mm ground forces. This version of the rules is included within the Box Battles: Cold War Evolution boxed game set, but is available by itself here.

Important note: Players do need Unit Cards for combat units they will use on the battlefield. Units are ordered separately. Please download our order from below to order those Unit Cards which you prefer. We recommend the following six (6) be included for beginners as they are specifically referenced throughout the rulebook examples: M60A1 Tank, M113A1 APC, NATO Infantry Squad, BMP-1 IFV, WARPAC Motor Rifle Infantry Squad and Headquarters (BMP-1), MTLB with towed PM-43 120mm Mortar. New Players should add at least 1 Unit Card to each side as well.

Box Battles/BattleField Ops! System Rulebook PDF

SKU # 4150E


Battlefield Ops! 1970s Unit Cards Fillable Order Form

Combat Unit Card and Playing Aid Collection

As of March 2019, our collection of combat units includes almost 60 Unit Cards! These include 1970s Wheeled, Mechanized, Tanks, Anti-Tank and Mortar and Towed Artillery for:

  • United States Army (ground forces)
  • West German Army (ground forces)
  • Soviet Army (both tracked and wheeled) (ground forces)
  • Soviet Airborne (ground forces)
  • Polish People’s Army (ground forces)
  • Czechoslovak People’s Army (ground forces)

Coming Soon!

In Spring 2019, we halted the release of a number of Unit Cards until we made the Rules Update 1.2 available. Now that this is coming, during 2020 you can look forward to the release of a number of units, including:

  • United States Marines
  • Forces of the Middle East, including Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan and Syria
  • British Army
  • French Ground Army
  • United Nations, Islamic Coalition, and SEATO (Southeast Asian Treaty Organization) Command Card Sets as well as others.
  • A series of combat units which developed into the early 1980s.

With the Air-to-Ground Rules PDF, the following will be released for related units, including: UH-1 Iriquois Helicopter (Huey), AH-1 Cobra Helicopter, M163 VADS Vulcan AA Gun, MIM-72 Chaparral AA Missile, Stinger Missile, MIL Mi-8 Helicopter, Mi-24 Hind Helicopter, ZSU-23-4 Shilka AA Gun, SA-8 Gecko AA Missile, SA-9 Gaskin AA Missile, SA-13 Gopher, SA-14 Missile.

Followed by many more – stay tuned!