Battle Field Ops!

Battle Field Ops! Modern Miniatures Tactical Game System

The Battle Field Ops! tactical miniatures game system is designed for 1/285 or 6mm scale modern war miniatures, and is also suitable for 10mm scaled models. The result of years of research and consultation with real-world military service people and experts, Battle Field Ops! allows you to simulate real and alternate-history conflicts with excellent detail and realism, while maintaining play speed at your game table. Battle Field Ops! is about striking a great balance between realism and playability; it is a most excellent choice for 1:1 model games Platoon to Regimental/Brigade sized conflicts, playing a Battalion sized game in a matter of just a few hours.

Buying Battle Field Ops!

The socio-economic effects seen over the past few years have changed both our supply and freelancer resources. As we adjust through the resulting delays, we are providing interim ways for customers to acquire our product in alternate forms. These products are discounted as we prepare revised edition materials.

We appreciate your patronage, and anyone purchasing now will also be entitled a generous discount on the revised materials when they are released. We thank you!

Battle Field Ops! Intro Set, Original, Printed, $44.00 $29.00 + Shipping

This set of printed materials is sufficient for you to learn the game system and then update your game with more recent errata materials. It includes the original Box Battles Rulebook, plus a complete set of Battalion vs Battalion Command Cards by doctrine, playing aids, as well as eight Unit Cards, 4 from each side (NATO/Warsaw Pact version 1.0).

Battle Field Ops! Intro Set
$29.00 ($4.95 shipping)

Rulebook PDF and 8 Unit Cards (4 NATO/ 4 Warsaw Pact), $11.00

This is the original Box Battles Rulebook and 8 Unit Cards in PDF form. Unit Cards are updated to the Version 1.2 standard, the most recent revision.

Rulebook PDF and 8 Unit Cards

Battalion vs Battalion Playing Aids, $11.00 + Shipping

This is a set of newer version Battalion vs Battalion Command Cards organized by doctrine and associated game playing aids.

Battalion vs Battalion Playing Aids
$11.00 ($2.95 shipping)

All buyers should download the FREE Update Errata Pack, to bring the game to current standards.

Update Errata Pack, FREE

This set includes the most recent Errata PDF, a series of Unit Card Rear Overlays PDF, and a Preview of Errata PDF. Thsis will bring your game current and synchronize with soon to be released Air-to-Ground and Shoreline Watercraft PDFs.

Update Errata Pack

Order Forms

Two order forms; one for miscellaneous game play components, and the other for 70 Unit Cards from the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia-Poland-East Germany, the USA, and West Germany. Units span the 1970s decade until 1980. More units will be released with the revised materials.

Pricing varies, Shipping costs may be reduced with multiple items ordered.

Game Components Order Form (Spring 2022)

Unit Cards Order Form (Spring 2022)

Keep an eye out for updates for the Battle Field Ops! Modern Miniatures Tactical Game System.