BattleField Ops!

BattleField Ops! Modern Miniatures Tactical Game System

The BattleField Ops! tactical miniature game system is designed for 1/285 or 6mm scale modern war miniatures with rules, supplements and playing aids. The result of years of research and consultation with real-world military service people and experts, BattleField Ops! allows you to simulate real and alternate-history conflicts with excellent detail and realism, while maintaining play speed at your game table.

BattleField Ops! is about striking a great balance between realism and playability. It’s an excellent system for fast, Platoon sized games, scalable comfortably up to Battalion force size, with a 1-miniature-to-1-unit ratio. Most games of this size will require 3 hours of game play. Play surfaces required are based on assets used, with tank and anti-tank best used at 36”-48” sized areas.

Stay tuned for new releases of BattleField Ops! game components.