Metal, Magic and Lore

Metal, Magic and Lore

Action You Can Feel. Fantasy You Can Believe.

Metal, Magic and Lore is quickly becoming the premier fantasy roleplaying system for gamers who want a game that gives a visceral, high-stakes feel, the grit of sophisticated, detailed mechanics, and the drama of fantasy gaming in one steel-edged blow.

Following in the best traditions of Tolkien, Brooks, Abercrombie and others, Metal, Magic and Lore immerses you in a rich fantasy setting with depth; a living world simulated in painstaking detail, where truly any character concept, story, or challenge can be brought to life.

Smart. Deep. Intuitive.

A system of combat, skill performance, culture, economy, and more, based on more than 10 years of exhaustive academic research, Metal, Magic and Lore asks the perennial 5th Epoch question: Can You Feel It?

Conflict is realistic, tactical, and deadly. You’ll need to use more than your dice to emerge alive- you’ll need your wits and your nerve to overcome the challenges of an era boiling in conflict.

Familiar, but New. Accessible, but Rich.

Here you’ll find Men, Dwarves, Elves, and others locked in struggle against adversaries common and fantastic, but you’ll also find complex, sweeping cultures full of history and a world steeped in lore both mundane and magical. Metal, Magic and Lore brings the most intimate experience of medieval life and its struggles for survival into harmony with the imaginative possibilities of fantasy worlds.

Metal, Magic and Lore is for a very unique kind of fantasy gamer: a lover of fantasy, but also a passionate strategist; a seeker of high adventure, but an aficionado of the rich experience of deep simulation and realism; problem-solvers and thinkers, but roleplayers and storytellers.

Metal, Magic and Lore Print Products

Metal, Magic and Lore Player’s Rulebook

376 Pages, available in 8.5″x11″ Perfect Bound, 7″x10″ Hard Bound, or PDF

The player’s rulebook is required for using the Metal, Magic and Lore role-playing game system. This 2nd edition of the publication is made with a beautifully illustrated cover, with bright white pages throughout.

The Player’s Rulebook contains essential information for tabletop play within creative fantasy campaigns; character creation, and the melee combat and magic systems.

Update: All print copies of the Player’s Rulebook will now ship with a free copy of the Character Codicil.

Player’s Rulebook, Perfect Bound
SKU# 1100
$35.95 ($2.95 shipping)

Player’s Rulebook, Hard Bound
SKU# 1200
$42.95 ($2.95 shipping)

Player’s Rulebook, PDF
SKU# 1100E

Metal, Magic and Lore Player’s Rulebook Errata PDF

Metal, Magic and Lore Game System Sampler PDF

Metal, Magic and Lore Smart Character Sheet

Metal, Magic and Lore Character Codicil

The Character Codicil represents years of playtesting and development, and is just a taste of the upcoming Revised Edition. Get started playing the most modern evolution of MML right now with:

  • Fast, straightforward, self-guided character creation. Seamless integration with new Smart Character Sheets which do all the work for you – just bring your concept and imagination.
  • New roleplaying mechanics that bring narrative-driven play and MML’s gritty realism into harmony, including systems for long-term projects, downtime, and variable time sequences.
  • A summary version of the fully-developed atlas of Domum, the vast realm of MML, featuring a detailed continental map, regional histories, economy, racial relations, politics, languages, and even religions.
  • Every rules revision and update is fully integrated with all existing MML published products, with accurate references and examples of every evolution.
Character Codicil
SKU# 1007
$9.95 ($2.95 shipping)

Character Codicil, PDF
SKU# 1007E

Metal, Magic and Lore Journeyman’s Rules

252 Pages, available in 8.5″x11″ Perfect Bound or PDF

The Journeyman’s Rules expansion deepens the Metal, Magic and Lore experience with greatly expanded rules for players and GMs seeking a truly realistic and limitless game. The Journeyman’s Rules includes two-weapon fighting and deeper, more complex combat systems, additional alloys and weapons, the customization of armor and weapons and enhancing of spells. The Journeyman’s Rules companion also introduces a new school of magic- Alchemy – for GMs and Players to create their own minor magic items.

Journeyman’s Rules, Perfect Bound
SKU# 1400
$29.95 ($2.95 shipping)

Journeyman’s Rules, PDF
SKU# 1400E

Metal, Magic and Lore Game Master’s Digital Drop Card Resource

This outstanding collection of PDF supplements contains over 400 pages of invaluable material and two Quick Ref spreadsheet tools that Game Masters may use to enhance their Metal, Magic and Lore campaigns.

Included on the dropcard are:

  • Two (2) tutorials to learn the system
  • A Game Master’s Starter kit
  • Two (2) bestiaries of 10 beasts including undead
  • Heavy armor packages from three (3) races
  • An Adventure Starter module
  • Excel character attribute generator and armor calculator
  • Over 100 pages of added bonus materials!
Game Master’s Digital Drop Card Resource
SKU# 1500
$29.95 ($0.95 shipping)

Metal, Magic and Lore Game Master’s Screens

Printed full color on foldout card, these screens contain the most commonly-used tables from the Metal, Magic, and Lore core game for quick reference, laid out intuitively on this double sided page. Get your nose out of the book and back in the adventure.

Update: All copies of the Game Master’s Screens will now ship with an additional page of information from the Character Codicil.

Game Master’s Screens
SKU# 1600
$14.95 ($0.95 shipping)

Character Codicil Insert, PDF
SKU# 1008E

Adventure Starter: The Deeping Vale

This adventure contains updated information not included in the previous edition! Great for starting a new campaign or integrating into an existing one, The Deeping Vale walks characters to through the tale of a small village which is threatened by local Wood Elves. Tensions run high, as the characters will negotiate the political landscape, terrain, and potentially hostile conflict. The Deeping Vale contains all the source material, statistics and guidance suitable for both experienced and first-time Game Masters, including points for how to GM, how to prepare and a host of premade campaign characters and beast for the Game Master’s use.

Adventure Starter: The Deeping Vale, Soft Cover
SKU# 2710
$13.95 ($1.95 shipping)

Adventure Starter: The Deeping Vale, Full Color PDF
SKU# 2710E

Metal, Magic and Lore Game Master’s Travel Sourcebook

The Travel Sourcebook brings the dangers and hardships of the wild to your MML campaign! Introducing rules for hunger and thirst, fatigue, water travel and weather, the Travel Sourcebook will bring the open road and the wild country of the Fifth Epoch alive. In addition to these mechanics expansions, the Travel Sourcebook is rich in setting material for how the various races of the Fifth Epoch travel, settle, and tame the wilds.

Game Master’s Travel Sourcebook
SKU# 1300
$24.95 ($1.95 shipping)

Game Master’s Travel Sourcebook, PDF
SKU# 1300E

Metal, Magic and Lore Novel: Azony Rising

Black and White, 6″x9″, 236 pages, with cover art by Brent Chumley and maps within by Jack Parra.

Azony Rising, first in a novel series by writer R.K. Pynn, captures the very essence to the Metal, Magic and Lore world setting. It follows the paths of our two main characters, Esa and Kirana, an elf and human who meet on the road and become close friends, but are then entangled in the conflicts between the elves and gnomes within the region of Azony, east of the Petty Kingdoms.

Azony Rising, Hard Bound
SKU# 10001
$14.95 ($1.95 shipping)

Azony Rising, PDF
SKU# 10001E

Metal, Magic and Lore PDF Product Catalog

Metal, Magic and Lore Game Master’s Starter Kit

This Supplement provides a helpful quick reference on managing the flow of combat, initiative, fatigue, and damage, and includes invaluable charts to reproduce as needed to take the stress and hassle out of record-keeping. Also included are detailed explanations on rewarding experience and character growth, and expanded character sheets.

Metal, Magic and Lore Bestiary Collection

In addition to complete statistics and illustrations for each creature, the Bestiary includes setting material for each creature’s place in the world; their ecology, behavior, movement, and interaction with other systems in the MML game.

Metal, Magic and Lore Bestiary I: Basic Game Undead

The first Bestiary introduces mummies, zombies, skeletons and wights, as well as rules for the special nature of combating the undead.

Metal, Magic and Lore Bestiary II: Man Sized Bipeds

Bestiary II introduces goblins, orcs, and larger and more terrifying bipeds of the primeval wilds, as well as rules for sighting and tracking of all manner of quarry, such as adventurers.

Metal, Magic and Lore Bestiary III: Beasts of Burden

Bestiary III includes the wide variety of domesticated beasts of interest to civilization: horses, oxen, falcons and other hunting birds, dogs, and more, as well as extensive mechanics for the training and use of such animals for transport, hauling, combat, and companionship.

Metal, Magic and Lore Bestiary IV: Monstrous Bipeds

Bestiary IV introduces the mightiest and most imposing creatures an adventurer can stand toe-to-toe with: cyclops, minotaurs, giants, trolls, and more.

Metal, Magic and Lore Game Master’s Starter Kit, PDF
SKU# 1002E
Metal, Magic and Lore Bestiary I: Basic Game Undead, PDF
SKU# 1004E
Metal, Magic and Lore Bestiary II: Men-Sized Bipeds, PDF
SKU# 1003E
Metal, Magic and Lore Bestiary III: Beasts of Burden, PDF
SKU# 1005E
Metal, Magic and Lore Bestiary IV: Monstrous Bipeds, PDF
SKU# 1006E

From the Archives

Metal, Magic and Lore Player’s Rulebook (Classic Edition)

376 Pages, available in 8.5″x11″ Hard Bound

This book has a matte finish cover which conveys the feeling of an old tome, weighing nearly 3 pounds. The Classic Edition of the Player’s Rulebook was the first of its type released, and is printed on a heavy weight crème colored paper. It does not contain an index (which was a later addition), but does include a full page color painting at the rear of the book by artist Ryan Pancoast (WOTC, White Wolf).

Update: All print copies of the Player’s Rulebook will now ship with a free copy of the Character Codicil.

Player’s Rulebook (Classic Edition), Hard Bound
$49.95 ($2.95 shipping)

Coming Soon!

The Eastern Kingdoms Atlas is the first in a series of four supplements dedicated to exploring the politics, economy, myth and history of each region, including lush, detailed maps. The Eastern Kingdoms Atlas also includes rules for a new magic school, Thaumaturgics, as well as a number of magical items and beasts local to the East. This product features artwork by Brent C. Chumley, Amanda Kahl and Jack Parra.

Future releases will include the Middle Kingdoms Atlas, Western Kingdoms Atlas, and Northern Kingdoms Atlas.