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Action You Can Feel. Fantasy You Can Believe. Power With A Price. Damnation and Redemption. Sophisticated Cold War Armored Combat On Your Kitchen Table.

Metal, Magic, and Lore News

The Metal, Magic, and Lore Revised Edition is on its way! But there’s no need to wait; begin enjoying our revolutionized, streamlined system with your existing MML game materials with… Read more »

The Vampire’s Codex News

The Vampire’s Codex Game Master’s Screens are finally available. Beautifully designed, with information on both sides for Game Master and player alike, they are durable and convenient- including two durable… Read more »

BattleField Ops! News

The FREE BattleField Ops! System Rules Update 1.1 is now available, with new updates coming soon. BattleField Ops! continues to focus on the conflicts of history and alternate history in… Read more »

War of the Epochs Board Game News

We’re thrilled by the great response that War of the Epochs, the strategy board game of epic warfare in the Metal, Magic, and Lore universe, has received this year at… Read more »

Metal, Magic and Lore Free Downloads

For those new to Metal, Magic and Lore, click here for the Free Game System Sampler. It includes two scenarios designed to introduce MML’s unique, gritty, and detailed combat system:… Read more »